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Unique Local Wines, Ciders and Spirits

We have put a lot of love and care in to our Tiny Welly Boot Vineyard, located here at Willow Farm and we are very excited about the results!

Tiny Welly Boot Vineyard

Named after two of our Jack Russell Terriers, Wellington and Boot.....our vineyard is the result of many hours of hard work but has been worth every single one! We are very excited about the results. This year we are expecting our first full crop of grapes to produce our very own white and rose wines. A local craft wine that is truely unique and will pair well with our other gourmet produce.


Grapes squeezed in 1 bottle of wine!


Days to grow a grape

Proper Somerset Cider

We use local apples and pears to produce what we believe to be some special Somerset ciders. These small batch craft ciders are not only lovely to enjoy on an evening but make a beautiful gift. In keeping with turning fresh locally grown produce in to something a little more exciting, we also take other seasonal crops to make some unique and interesting cider varieties. A few examples of what you might expect...

(Pear 4.5%)

Pokey Olde Tackle
(Apple 6.5%)

Strawberry Tart
(Apple 5%)

(Apple 3.5%)

...and many more unique smaller batch varieties!

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Our Exciting Gin and Spirits Range

Licensed to distil our very own special selection of spirits on site, our gin and spirits are produced with the same emphasis on using local produce where possible to create unique and interesting small-batch craft spirits. Here are some examples of our current popular range...

Oozels Gin
Our classic Dutch gin. We only add the minimum of ingredients to produce a simple base that's great on its own, or with your choice of tonic or other mixer.

White Mist
Spirit distilled with white chocolate flavour and Irish whiskey

Autumn Mist
A blend of sloe and damson gin (picked on the farm)

Pink Rosie Gin (Taste of the West award winner)
Our Oozels gin distilled with rosewater and rosehips. A delicate flavour with a light pink hue, which requires no accompaniment.

Apple Mist
Spirit distilled with apple brandy

Summer Mist
An elderflower (also from the farm) spirit liqueur

...also Apple Gin, Honey Gin, and many more spirits available seasonally!