All Things Pork

Plum Pudding Pork

Premium local pork products from our free range Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. These pigs are known as "plum pudding pigs" because of their beautiful ginger colour and black spots! We hope to tempt you with some yummy pork products below.


Our 100% sausages are all naturally gluten free!

Pork and Leek
£5.00 for 6

Rhubarb and Ginger
£5.00 for 6

Classic Cumberland
£5.00 for 6

Many other interesting and special sausages available


£1.00 each

£1.00 each
(when in season)

75p each

Air Dried Ham

Prepared Salted and Wrapped Leg
Ready for you to hang and dry yourself
Priced depending on weight
Typically £40.00 each

Premium Pork

Whole and Half Pigs Available
Cost dependant on size
Typically £110 per half pig

Want it delivered? Just contact us and we will happily arrange delivery and explain any postage costs involved.

Our Boar, Bertie

Want to make some little plum pudding pigs of your own? Meet our Oxford Sandy and Black Boar, Bertie

Champion Boar

Bertie is our prize winning pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black boar. We are very proud that he has won Champion Boar for Tamworth and OSB category at The Royal Norfolk Show in 2014.

Wanting to breed your own Plum Pudding Pigs? Bertie is your guy and is available for hire! Weaner's are also available to buy. Just contact us to find out more.